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27-Dec-2017 01:57

New technology is concentrated mostly in urban centers like Accra, while some rural areas in Ghana still lack electricity.The Sakawa boys are a reflection of how young people, when they get a hold of technology, can show their entrepreneurial spirit.Yet the Sakawa cyber scam perfectly demonstrates the problems of development and modernization in Ghana: new technology is flooding in, but the government and the private sector lack the infrastructure to support it.

“But they have no hope, no food, no money, they don’t know what to do next.The Ghana Ministry of Information’s role is to educate people about government policies and infrastructural development.Minister of Information Zita Okaikoi said that the national media in Ghana is sharply divided between government and opposition.The 23-year-old was voted the best player by the fans of the Club having scored a total of 21 goals in the just ended season.

He beat top scorer and Congolese international Junior Kabananga as well as vice-captain Dmitry Shomko.He explained that there is a disconnect between the traditional community and the new technology-driven culture in Ghana, and policymakers “don’t get it, or care about it.” “There are two sets of visionaries, and they don’t talk to each other,” he said.