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They usually got along but were prone to bickering. They pulled up to the doctor’s office, a small yellow house with an unreadable “Family Practice” sign in the front — unreadable because of the dark, the futility of the street light, the dizziness, the odd new fear. He closed his eyes and tried to go back to sleep, but minutes later awoke to the door opening. The Nose Picker’s chart, previously loose, was now in a briefcase, tucked into a yellow legal pad, both of which the doctor took out and put on the counter. The Nose Picker was no longer interested in what was happening, eyes kept closed, and he heard the doctor leave. He dropped it next to his bed, and when it landed on the beige floor the impact sounded like an explosion. He looked at the clock but forgot to read its time.

She told him she loved him and he said it back and they both meant it. He wondered, by now, if the napkins had the reverse effect. I get them a lot.” “Yeah, well, you get into bad habits and you have to deal with it,” said the girl’s dad. ” said the Nose Picker, thinking he was either suggesting he was a nose picker or a coke addict. Her dad talked to the doctor, who was still in sweat pants and slippers, yawning but still looking overly serious as he listened, almost upset looking — the Nose Picker even caught him shaking his head for a moment in his direction. My girlfriend’s dad was driving me home.” “And were you, uh, picking at it? He had thick glasses that had a black frame on the top of each lens and were frameless on the bottom, like nineteen fifties women’s glasses, thought the Nose picker. It’s an ugly habit.” By now the words were tumbling out of his mouth like boulders being pushed down hill, in turn landing on himself, somehow. When the blur of the Nose Picker’s tears cleared away, he saw that the doctor had left the legal pad on the edge of the bed. He wondered if the girl was still out there, and regardless, whether or not he could just break through the doors and run into the street, picking and running all the way home to her.

He was already wiping it away from his neck, chin and mouth with his shirt sleeve, hoping to leave no trace of himself on the seat.

He breathed through the bleeding nostril hoping that maybe the air would dry it out, at least temporarily, but his panic increased.

Even if he could keep all the blood off of his face before he had to kiss her, he would still have to bend his neck to do it as she was considerably shorter than he and the blood would come rushing from his nostrils and maybe into his mouth, but maybe she would not kiss him with her father there anyways.

Upon that thought, he wondered what reason she had not to kiss him in front of her father.

He wondered if he would have to kiss the girl goodbye.

She was in the passenger’s seat and the Nose Picker was in the back. He was talented with discreet tactics, and in a dark car in the backseat, there was little chance of either of them seeing him. Alright, alright.” Dad saw the gas station far ahead and, manly, took the shoulder and drove past the traffic—an odd feeling of freedom, they all noticed. He made it unattractive and she cared because she loved him, but she didn’t care because it nearly hurt to look at his face. It was a kind of nervousness that made the mind so chaotic that he had forgotten the initial cause of his nervousness. They try to make sure these don’t have blood on them.” “I wouldn’t mind if you would stay,” he said, looking at the girl. “That’s how he does it — only one person beside the patient.” The Nose Picker was so confused that he leaned forward, letting a loose string of blood fall from his nose, as if he had forgotten. In her father’s eyes was a gladness to leave him alone. ” “I don’t know,” said the Nose Picker, “I would assume this guy knows how to solve this problem pretty fast, right? She was about to hold his hand, but pulled back before she touched him, and instead was about to pat him on the back, but pulled back from that too. After no more than three minutes the doctor came back.

The Nose Picker found it odd that they walked away so fast. The traffic was still bad and her dad turned onto a back road — a short cut to Larry’s. I’m not going to go out to the waiting room and tell your girlfriend, yet, but come on. The doctor had created a game — a torturous game that only he could win. He stood once more and looked through the glass by the door into the hallway, hoping to catch a glimpse of the doctor, or maybe even the girl, but no one was there and it seemed that there were very few lights on. The Nose Picker wanted to inquire about the suit, ask why he’s changed, and why, since he did change, did he change into a suit and not a doctor’s outfit. He stared deeply into the suited man’s face, but despite the Nose Picker’s silent wishes, his stare was not returned. “So, tell me what you were doing before the nose bleed occurred,” said the doctor. “Why don’t you close your eyes for a moment, and try to fall back to sleep,” said the doctor.

Now the doctor was leaning forward in his chair and their eyes were locked. I swear I wasn’t picking it.” After staring a long time, the doctor said, “Alright, you can tell me now, or I can call your girlfriend in here and we can have this conversation in front of her.” “My girlfriend? He felt a bit woozy but he stood and walked around the room. The television was playing in the corner of the room but it was muted and there were no subtitles. I just had a bloody nose and this is all just — just crazy. “That was bound to happen,” said the doctor, almost with a laugh as he thumbed through the Nose Picker’s chart on the clipboard. “You have the right to remain silent,” said the doctor. After asking the Nose Picker for his name, age, date of birth, and residence, the doctor took a long pause and looked distantly into the Nose Picker’s eyes, almost admiring his looks now that the blood was gone. “I don’t need to tell you that,” said the Nose Picker. Don’t fuck with me, kid.” “Can I just ask what the relevance is? “When you sweat, during sex, do you sweat from your forehead? ” The Nose Picker threw up his hands in bewilderment and said, “Sure, I guess so.” “Does her father know you were having sex? “The bloody nose.” The doctor’s face — as quickly as it had previously reddened and puffed and screamed—seemed now to warm into a sort of compassion.

” “I didn’t do anything.” The doctor left the room, sweating and angry. His anger seemed stripped from him again in one white moment as he turned back to the Nose Picker, slammed the door behind the girl, reassumed a cordial self, and said, “But it is my job — my legal — my contractual obligation — to solve your problem. “Tilt your head back, and take this,” he said, handing the Nose Picker a pill. “What time did this young lady’s father drive you home?

” “I don’t know, it was just warm.” “I see,” said the doctor, writing something down.

It could have the opposite effect, he thought, and then it immediately seemed to.