Dating a man who won39t commit

27-Sep-2017 02:00

“Well, I’ve been going on dates with this hot, charming, confident guy for [X number of] months now, and there’s something about us – we really click. And while he’s told me time and again that he thinks I’m an amazing person and that he cares about me, at the same time, he has also made it clear that he’s just not yet ready to date one person.

There’s an intense connection whenever we’re together, and I know he knows it, too. As much as he likes me, he’s not ready to settle down.

Because there’s been little clarification either way, you’re constantly confused as to whether or not you two have mutual feelings for each other, what your respective actions mean, and what the future holds.

Things are not black and white between you, and you’re left reeling from constant disappointment since he does not have to fulfill the same obligations as a boyfriend, and yet he is not quite just a friend either for which you would have lower standards.

I believe he's being genuine, and I want to make it work – but I’m not sure I can stomach this any longer since I at least want to know that the time I’m investing is counting towards a future with him and not towards a dead end.

Is there any way to know whether I can get him to commit, or is it time to cut my losses and leave? Most of us have experienced this situation at one point or another: the grey area.

(Or you can just bring it up later by saying “That was awkward, but that’s a good question, what are we?

”) ** One other side note, some guys who haven’t dated before always feel like they’re “bothering you.” So, they don’t call or take initiative as much as they should.

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How can he take you seriously unless he really knows you and you really know him? Interviewing You Some guys treat the dating process like an interview.

Once this happens, you’ll be happy you stuck around.

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